Configuration error

SimpleSAMLphp appears to be misconfigured.

If you report this error, please also report this tracking number which makes it possible to locate your session in the logs available to the system administrator:


Debug information

The debug information below may be of interest to the administrator / help desk:

SimpleSAML\Error\CriticalConfigurationError: The configuration is invalid: Setting secure cookie on plain HTTP is not allowed.

3 lib/SimpleSAML/Session.php:306 (SimpleSAML\Session::getSessionFromRequest)
2 modules/core/www/frontpage_welcome.php:5 (require)
1 lib/SimpleSAML/Module.php:266 (SimpleSAML\Module::process)
0 www/module.php:10 (N/A)

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How to get help

This error probably is due to some unexpected behaviour or to misconfiguration of SimpleSAMLphp. Contact the administrator of this login service, and send them the error message above.